Meet Anjali Taneja, MD MPH

In 2022, Anjali was awarded the PNM Award for Individual Excellence in Ethical Business Practice

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Anjali sees her work as bridge work between healers and healthcare providers, and collaborative accountable work on models of community care that are responsive to the community and that inspire a new paradigm of care while pushing back on the medical industrial complex that has caused great harm in the United States. She also sees music as a creative outlet and a healing modality, and has DJed at clubs around the country for almost 20 years. For five years, Anjali was a resident DJ at New York City’s popular monthly MUTINY party featuring electronic, experimental, drum’n’bass, hiphop, and world music. Anjali is running for the NM House of Representatives to fight for creative, upstream and intersectional solutions to some of our biggest structural and collective challenges. She’s running because, here in New Mexico, we care for each other and lead with love. And she’s running because she believes in a vision that the future of New Mexico belongs to all of us.